Therapeutic Supports

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Therapeutic Support Service—devoted to promoting emotional well-being and personal development. Our therapy programmes, which are rooted in our unwavering dedication to improving lives, provide a guiding hand to individuals navigating the fragile landscape of emotions, relationships, and self-development. We think that mental and emotional wellness are just as important as physical health, which is why we provide therapeutic treatments aimed to empower, heal, and elevate. Our objective at Lily Healthcare is to provide a safe place for people to explore their inner selves, discover resilience, and cultivate a profound sense of purpose. 

Goal Setting and Personal Development

Within the framework of our Therapeutic Support Service, we proffer a guiding hand to facilitate individuals along the journey of goal setting and personal advancement. Our approach rests on a foundation committed to fostering profound purpose and achievement. Collaborating closely with seasoned professionals, individuals engage in the process of identifying aspirations and formulating actionable, achievable objectives.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Our Therapeutic Support Service encompasses discreet one-on-one sessions steered by adept therapists. These sessions address emotional complexities, bolster mental well-being, and equip participants with effective coping mechanisms. By delving into cognitive patterns and emotional landscapes, individuals not only cultivate resilience but also acquire the tools to surmount difficulties, thereby fostering sustained emotional growth.

Family Counselling

We provide an inclusive approach that includes families in the therapeutic journey as part of our Therapeutic Support Service. Our trained therapists provide a supportive environment for candid discussions and mutual understanding with the goal of building harmonious family relations. We equip families with educational tools, effective communication skills, and steadfast support, all with the goal of strengthening the family dynamics.

Dual Diagnosis Support

We extend a guiding hand to individuals navigating the intricate interplay of mental health and substance use challenges. Our approach revolves around holistic recovery, the intertwined nature of these struggles. The essence of our approach centres on holistic recovery, recognising the symbiotic nature of these struggles. Through customised plans, we empower individuals to rediscover equilibrium, well-being, and a revitalised sense of purpose.

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