Our Services

Our Services

Comprehensive Physical Exams to Assess Overall Health

Empowering lives with comprehensive support for disabilities. Join our compassionate community for therapy, assistance, and independence.

Assistance for Transport

Elevate mobility with Lily Healthcare's Assistance for Transport. Inclusive, safe, and flexible travel support for independence and engagement.

Community Nursing Services

Elevate your well-being with Lily Healthcare's Community Nursing Service. Expert care tailored to your unique needs right at home.

Therapeutic Supports

Discover emotional well-being and personal growth with Lily Healthcare's Therapeutic Support Service. Professional therapy for resilience, healing, and empowerment.

Support Coordintaion

Empower your journey with Lily Healthcare's Support Coordination. Tailored plans, crisis management, and progress monitoring for your success.

Accommodation / Tenancy

Find your perfect home with Lily Healthcare's Accommodation/Tenancy services. Tailored support for accessible living, financial management & seamless transitions.

Participation in the community

Empower individuals with disabilities through community engagement with Lily Healthcare's tailored programs. Join us for inclusive and enriching connections.

Home Modification Design & Construction

Elevate your home with Lily Healthcare's Modification Design & Construction. Accessibility upgrades, widened doorways, tech integration, and more.

Specialised positive Behaviour Support

Navigate challenging behaviours with compassion through Lily Healthcare's Specialised Positive Behaviour Support. Embrace positive change today.

Assistance with Daily Personal Activities

Experience personalised support with Lily Health Care's Assistance with Daily Personal Activities service. Elevating hygiene, dressing, meals, and more for enriched well-being!

Assistance with Daily Tasks in a group

Discover Lily Health Care's group support for individuals with disabilities—fostering independence, camaraderie, and skills through shared experiences. Join us today!

Empower Your Journey

Ready to embark on a journey of empowerment? Join Lily Health Care today and experience personalised support that celebrates your uniqueness and fosters your independence.