Home Modification Design & Construction

Where Design Meets Accessibility

Modification Design & Construction service – where our dedication to enriching your quality of life within the embrace of your own home comes to life. Our unwavering commitment to inclusivity, safety, and aesthetics propels us on a transformative journey. We’re here to reimagine your living space into a place that mirrors your distinct requirements, needs, and character. Within these walls, your dwelling transcends being a mere space; it evolves into a testament to your individuality and a symbol of empowerment.

Accessibility Upgrades

Elevating mobility and fortification, our bespoke Accessibility Upgrades beckon. Seamlessly intertwined ramps, handrails, and grab bars become your allies, ensuring effortless movement and steadfast support for those surmounting mobility challenges. Our mission transcends the physical; we're crafting an environment that nurtures self-reliance and fluidity of movement, especially for individuals braving mobility constraints.

Doorway Widening

Our doorway widening service unfolds the gateway to unrestricted accessibility. By widened entrances, we effortlessly accommodate wheelchairs and assistive devices. We acknowledge the profound significance of unobstructed movement, particularly for individuals dependent on wheelchairs or mobility aids. Through widened doorways, we forge passages that embrace assistive equipment and cultivate feelings of liberation and independence.

Bathroom Modifications

Our bathroom modification service aims to transform bathrooms into places of comfort and accessibility. We grasp the pivotal role of this space in daily life, and our pursuit is to render it universally accommodating. This service envelops an array of adaptations designed to augment accessibility and convenience. Our vision is to uphold the bathroom as a practical and welcoming place for individuals of all capabilities.

Harmonising Technology

Equip your living space with modern home solutions. Our service seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies like automated lighting and voice-activated systems, heightening convenience and accessibility. From tailoring your environment to fostering autonomy, our mission orbits around making your dwelling responsive to your necessities.

Ready to Elevate Your Abode?

Embark on a journey into the realm of personalised living, courtesy of Lily Healthcare’s Home Modification Design & Construction service. Let’s collaborate to carve out a domain that harmonises with your aspirations, nurtures independence, and magnifies your everyday encounters. Take the first step today to initiate an expedition toward a distinctly comfortable house.